KBR's Custom Cycle

Our business philosophy is: if you don't care enough to know your customers expectations, you are destined to fail. Our view of handcrafted motorcycles is very similar. Handcrafted motorcycles should be a product of passion, not greed. We still conform to the old way of building custom motorcycles - one at a time. We consistently strive to EXCEED your expectations. If innovation, pride, quality and craftsmanship are important to you, then you need to look no further - you have come to the right place. The same pride and care is taken with all our clients, whether you're purchasing a $10 oil filter or want a custom $30,000 motorcycle! Check out our site and you'll see some great bikes, meet some wonderfully talented and caring people, and perhaps get some ideas for YOUR next project.

KBR's Custom Cycles is the place for all your motorcycle needs. We offer sales, service, repairs,  and customization of your motorcycle. KBR's Custom Cycles is owned and operated by Kevin Morris and is located in Boring, Oregon. It has built a fine reputation as a custom bike builder and a dealer at reasonable prices.

Here at KBR's Custom Cycles, we understand the passion of building your own machine so that it will look and perform the best.  We know just how you feel. We got into this business because we love motorcycles. Whether your bike needs routine service, repairs, performance work, wide tire conversion, custom paint, parts or accessories, we have the people necessary to get the job done right. We carry only quality parts and accessories from all the major industry leaders.

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